Spray Foam Insulation

Spray polyurethane foam insulation is an alternative form of insulation for homes.  When someone mentions insulation, most of us think of the pink fiberglass insulation that used to be industry standard.  However, the many advantages of spray foam insulation is becoming more well known, leading to it's gain in popularity and influence on homebuilding practices. 

Spray foam insulation increases efficiency and lowers the cost of heating and cooling the home.  When installed, the foam expands into air pockets in the walls and ceilings, forming a tight air and moisture barrier and decreasing energy loss.    

This method of insulation also improves air quality in the home.  The reduction of outside air and moisture also reduces air pollutants and allergens, as well as the growth of mold, creating a healthier living space.  In addition, spray foam does not emit harmful chemicals into the air.  

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Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

Quality Craftmanship


What you will find in every Copperline home is a love for beautiful craftsmanship.


We've traditionally found that using real materials - real stone, real wood - makes a  difference that can't be quantified.  Not only are they pleasing to the eye and the touch, but they add both authenticity and value to your home. 

Just as important as how your new home looks and feels is how it functions and flows.  Who you are and what you like to do can play the most integral role in the design of your new custom home. Obviously, family considerations will shape the number of rooms you may want, and how you would like them to be laid out.  But digging deeper, how will you and your family interact with the home on a day-to-day basis?  If outdoor pursuits are a staple in your household, perhaps a foyer with a large closet should be included in the plans to keep dirt from getting into the rest of your house.  Perhaps your a wine enthusiast, and the plans would be perfect for the addition of a small cellar. 

On a recent project, an owner revealed that his family really liked the house they were in presently.  We had them take photos of the house in its everyday state so we could see what sections of the house they used the most, and then plan accordingly.  And therein lies the true idea behind a "custom home": finding those ideas that will work for the owner that may not work for someone else. 

We employ an organic approach to custom home design, oftentimes starting with a clean sheet and pen as we begin the discovery process as to what you're looking for in a luxury home.  As a concept emerges, we can begin to consider possible locations to build, if so needed  With intimate understanding of real estate in the Bend, Oregon area, we can help you find the perfect property where your dream can flourish. 


Sustainability as become a popular concept over the past decade, yet it can often be misunderstood.  It is in the details where Copperline tries to make the most impact with sustainability.  In many cases, simply building things the right way can make the biggest difference in energy efficiency.  Building thicker walls.  Using extra insulation.  Putting windows in the right place.  Using floor materials that absorb the sun's rays and help heat living areas in the winter, or conversely, using roofing materials that block radiant heat from entering the attic in warmer months.  By carefully considering every option and detail, we can ensure your home is as efficient as it is beautiful.